Home furniture plays an important role in offering a balanced standard of living. Customer satisfaction is the basic thing that a consumer needs while selecting the furniture article. Business World has brought you a List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad.

High-quality furniture is available in many furniture markets of Islamabad. You can also access any nearby furniture market, or you can also order from a renowned furniture shop. So, you must explore user-friendly websites to have a stress-free online shopping experience.

You can also visit our website to learn about 65 Business Ideas in Pakistan. Fortunately, these shops have online websites as well, and thus you can also visit their websites and get your orders to proceed within the promised time. Let’s move on towards our collected List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad:

In Islamabad, the furniture design depicts various cultural aspects of different regions of Pakistan. The designs in the market may vary accordingly; they are either traditional or contemporary. Islamabad furniture market is a little bit costly than the furniture market in Rawalpindi. If you want to buy quality furniture at a low price, Tajarat Properties suggests you wait for the sale.

Following is the List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad:

1. Urban Galleria:

The first furniture store in the List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad is Urban Galleria. It is an online store that is well-known among people for its vast collection of furniture stocks.

Urban Galleria

This online furniture store delivers all over Islamabad. The Urban Galleria has over 500 products to select from, such as home furniture, office furniture, different decoration items, etc.

Therefore, if you want low-priced furniture items, this store is perfect for you. Furthermore, the store covers vintage to contemporary furniture pieces, extending from lamps, area rugs, sofas, chairs, and beds.

The store offers free home delivery for the residents of Islamabad with easy return procedures. The dedicated team of Urban Galleria will ensure quality and deliver your chosen stock to your home.

Following are the furniture types available on the website:

1. Living Room

2. Bedroom

3. Dining & Kitchen

4. Décor

5. Lighting

6. Outdoor

7. Office Furniture

8. Gym

2. Interwood:

Interwood is one of the most prominent furniture shops in Islamabad. The store has been operational for the past 40 years. It provides wide-ranging products for domestic and commercial customers.


It has been added to the List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad because it has global and local proficiency in mega-scale projects.

Sky marketing also suggests that you avail the best furniture products from Interwood. Furthermore, new technologies are prevalent in the production process, including IMOS to make the outclass products.

Likewise, there are approximately 11 stores of Interwood that are located across the country, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. Get to know about Top Visa-Free Countries for Pakistan in 2021.

The newest showroom that is situated in Islamabad is extended up to 55,000 square feet. Interwood has its individual 600,000 square foot factory in Lahore, employing over 1,100 workers and over 300 machines.

Following are the furniture types available:

  1. Home Furniture
  2. Office Furniture
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Doors
  5. Room Decoration
  6. Flooring


The next furniture shop in our List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad is It is an online furniture store in Pakistan, acknowledged among the people for its top-notch furniture commodities.

Likewise, the store products are distributed all across the country. The dedicated team of this furniture shop properly checks and carefully packs the furniture before it is shipped.

They also offer consultation and suggestions to the customers upon request. Get to know about Best Restaurants in Rawalpindi 2021. If you are considering good quality products at minimal prices, you must consider this store.

Following are the furniture types available:

  1. Bedroom Furniture
  2. Living Room Furniture
  3. Drawing Room Furniture
  4. Dining Room Furniture
  5. Outdoor Furniture
  6. Office Furniture
  7. Restaurant Furniture

4. Ikon Home:

Ikon home is another famous name in the furniture industry. It was established in 1991, and currently, it is measured to be one of the most renowned furniture brands in Islamabad. Hence, it has been added to the List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad. It offers furniture products ranging from classic furniture pieces to contemporary pieces.

Ikon Home

Besides furniture products, the brand also offers Curtains, Office Blinds, Bamboo Chicks, Wooden Blinds, and interior. They also specialize in Carpets, Rugs, Wooden Flooring, Blinds, Wallpapers, and interior design consultancy.

Following are the furniture types available: 

  1. Window coverings
  2. Curtains
  3. Fabric Blinds
  4. Vertical and Venetian Blinds
  5. Wooden Blinds
  6. Roller Blinds
  7. Bamboo Blinds
  8. Sofa
  9. Custom made sofas
  10. Sofa Fabrics
  11. Upholstery
  12. Redesigning
  13. Carpets
  14. Wooden / Vinyl Flooring
  15. Handmade Rugs
  16. Machine-made Rugs / Carpet Mats
  17. Grass Mats
  18. Wallpapers
  19. Picture Murals

5. FurnitureHub:

FurnitureHub is another name in our List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad. Another excellent furniture store is the essence of high-quality furniture articles and interior designing manufactured articles.


Besides their manufactured commodities, they also offer customized furniture products to their customers.

Similarly, the store has an online outlet as well. They have a wide-ranging selection of modern Furniture, Office Furniture, Home Furniture, Italian Furniture, China Furniture, Pakistan Home Furniture, Living Room Furniture articles, Chinioti Furniture, and decor pieces.

Following are some of the furniture products that you will find on the website and their outlet as well:

1. Modern Beds

2. Classic Beds

3. Semi Classic Beds

4. Kids Beds

5. Couches

6. Study Room Sofa

7. Waiting Rooms Sofas

8. L-Shaped Sofas

9. Dewans

10. Center Tables

11. Dining Tables

12. Nest Tables

13. Chandeliers

14. Coat Hanging Rack

15. Handcrafted Décors

16. Wall-Hanging Decors

17. Paintings

How to Buy Furniture Online in Islamabad?

Since almost all the reputed furniture stores in Islamabad are available online with thousands of articles, you need to spend time discovering the item of your choice and then select according to your price range.

Similarly, you can ask questions concerning your article and order shipment on the website or give them a call.


Business World has compiled this List of the Best Furniture Shops in Islamabad for your convenience. Whether you want to buy online or visit the outlet, you will get the most suitable choice from this list.

Please go through the list, and tell us in the comment section about the best option you are thinking about. You can also check the blog on famous construction companies in Pakistan.

If you have any queries or questions regarding furniture shops in Islamabad, let us know in the comments section below, and we will get back to you soon.