The 9 best guest houses in Lahore are no doubt the places that you should opt for without any second thought. This is because we are going to give you an overview of each of these 9 best guest houses in Lahore.

This brief introduction will help you finalize the next stay in Lahore at affordable prices with all the primary and luxurious facilities. Hygiene and cleanliness are of top priority for these guest houses. Business World recommends to consider your next trip to Lahore and stay in any of these best guest houses in Lahore.

The list of the best guest houses in Lahore are as follows:

1.Green Land
2.Grand Palace
3.Royal Chalet
4.Step Inn
6.Shelton House
7.Rehman Suites
8.Cvilla Guest House
9.Family Guest House
1.Green Land Guest House:

Green Land Lahore guest house is an excellent choice for a pit stop. The location of Green Land is situated in Johar Town, near Canal Road. The Wafaqi Colony Market and Mumtaz Market are located right next to the Green Land.

Green Land Guest House

The place offers all primary and residential amenities. The rates per night in comparison with the luxurious facilities are quite reasonable. The prices are also affordable compared to other guest houses.

The facilities include 24/7 water, gas, electricity, backup electricity generator, easy accessibility, 24/7 foolproof security, lawn, playground for children, free and safe parking, safe locality, 24/7 available maintenance staff, free WiFi, and much more. In winters, the rooms are well-heated, and in Summers, the rooms are given with the facility of air conditioning. For entertainment, TV is also provided in every room. Laundry and ironing are also available.

2.Shelton House:

Among the best guest houses in Lahore, the Shelton House is reflected to be one of the most well-regarded guest houses in Lahore. Its outstanding services and accessible location give it a distinctive identity. The services and rooms are immaculate to avail at affordable rates. The prime location in the vicinity of the main areas of Lahore makes it yet another stop by destination.

Shelton House

If you are a businessman who is willing to stay near main business centers, then Shelton house is a perfect destination for you to stay. The air-conditioned rooms with a fast internet connection make the stay more useful.

The rooms offer ultra-luxurious facilities such as a heating system, cooling system, 24/7 water/gas/electricity, electricity backup generator, pet care, free and dedicated parking, 24/7 available maintenance staff available, food and drinks as per the choice of the guests.

The location of Shelton House is situated at Gulberg III Ferozpur Road. The guest house is surrounded by several nearby landmarks & places such as DHA Lahore, Lahore Cantt, Allama Iqbal International Airport, Walton Airport, Model Town, Garden Town, Muslim Town, Askari V, Pakistan Navy War College.

3.Grand Palace Family Guest House:

Grand Palace Family Guest House is a dream destination for interim stays. The Grand Palace Family Guest House is located at Aibak Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. The premium quality services with a qualified and trained staff make your stay memorable. The top-notch facilities include strong internet connection, LED TV, fridge, cupboard, separate bathroom, heating & cooling systems, the best local and continental foods, free and dedicated parking, foolproof security, laundry, ironing, and 24/7 maintenance staff to solve any of issue in your room. You could also find a range of the best hospitals in Lahore.

Grand Palace Family Guest House

Many nearby landmarks & places surround the guest house, making it an attractive destination for stays in Lahore, such as Aibak Park Block, passport office Lahore, National Bank of Pakistan, Garden Town, Model Town, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Allama Iqbal Town, Cavalry Ground, and Nishtar Park Sports Complex.

4.Step Inn Guest House Lahore:

Step Inn Guest House falls among the top 9 best guest houses in Lahore. For the best family place to stay in Lahore, the Step Inn Guest House must be your first choice. There are only a few guest houses in Lahore that offer a family place to stay, and this is one of them. It is located at House# 4-B III Street # 1, Model Town Link Rd, near Servaid Pharmacy, Phase 3 GECH Society, Lahore.

Step Inn Guest House Lahore

The rooms are loaded with the facilities to cater to the needs of the adults and children simultaneously while giving you a complete family experience. The facilities include a fire extinguishing system, CCTV cameras for the security of the guest house, dedicated and safe parking, water, gas, electricity with backup, 24/7 staff/helpers, currency exchange, LED TV, cooling and heating systems, and much more.

5.Mirafe`s Guest House Lahore:

Mirafe`s Guest House is located in Garden Town while just a few minutes away from Gaddafi Stadium and liberty market. The rooms are filled with luxurious facilities such as free & safe parking, round the clock helpers and maintenance staff, a 24/7 helpdesk, electricity, gas, water, power backup such as generators, and much more.

Mirafe`s Guest House Lahore

The hygienic environment makes it stand above any other guest house in Lahore. Especially in the present scenario of COVID-19 and Dengue, the management of the guest house takes all the measures into account to maintain the highest living standards.

6.Family Guest House:

Among the best guest houses in Lahore, the Family Guest House. It is located at a prime location that is accessible from anywhere. Not many people know about this guest house, but it is indeed a place to stay and visit. The level of cleanliness and high quality of services are matchless.

The Family Guest House is surrounded by several nearby landmarks and places that include well-known restaurants, residential societies, commercial areas, hotels, gas stations, schools, colleges, universities, and much more that could be useful. Lahore is a large bustling city with all the amenities available 24/7.

The amenities provided by the family guest house are Internet WiFi, foolproof security, CCTV cameras, heating & cooling system in rooms, fridge in room, attached bathrooms, Newspaper, LED TV, Lahore route guidance, and much more. The location of Family Guest House is situated at Gulberg 2 behind Sadiq Trader Lahore Johar Town.

7.Rehman Suites Lahore:

Another one of the best guest houses in Lahore is the Rehman Suites. It is considered among the best temporary destinations available at affordable prices. The Rehman Suites Guest House is located at a prime location.

Rehman Suites Lahore

The lodging options are endless with all the luxurious facilities, including laundry, ironing, dry-cleaning, dedicated free parking, 24hrs room services, conference room, heating, and cooling system for rooms, foolproof security systems, LED TV, and much more.

8.Royal Chalet Guest House:

Suppose you are looking for a temporary stay at MM Alam Road and Stadium Road. Other main areas near are Lahore Zoo and Lahore Fort, so if you want to stay at a place that is highly accessible from any part of Lahore. by staying in this guest house, you could visit any area of Lahore at just a minute drive away to drive.

Royal Chalet Guest House

Its rooms are studded with luxurious, affordable facilities such as internet WiFi, free and secure valet parking, laundry, ironing, 24/7 room service, LED TV, attached private bathroom, and much more for a single person or family might need in a stay.

9.Cvilla Guest House:

According to the reviews of the visitors who have stayed in Cvilla Guest House, its ranking in the best guest houses in Lahore is indeed truthful. The highest degree of hospitality by the guest house management and staff is superb. They literally treat you not as a customer but as a family guest with great care and respect.

You may choose to stay with family or friends at any time of the year. The lodging facilities are beyond comprehension keeping in view the lower prices compared to other guest houses. The rooms are well-maintained, maintained hygienic conditions, heating and cooling arrangements, 24/7 room service, care-free car parking, LED TV, and much more.


The 9 Best Guest Houses in Lahore are providing tireless services to the visitors who take away good memories of their stay in Lahore by choosing to reside in these hotels. Business World highly recommends these guest houses for a few day trips in Lahore.

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