The 5 Best Parks in Islamabad

The 5 Best Parks in Islamabad


The 5 Best Parks in Islamabad are going to assist you in knowing which parks are best to visit in Islamabad. Islamabad, the beautiful Capital of Pakistan, is famous for several reasons but at the top of the list is the reason that it is so green and environment friendly.

The Capital of Pakistan is ever-green because of its natural and well-maintained parks. Islamabad is divided into several sectors, and each Sector has a number of parks that are not only convenient for people of various ages but nature as well. The Margalla Hills also enhances the exquisiteness of Islamabad.

The beauty and greenery of Islamabad is the main reason why it is enlisted second on the ‘world’s most beautiful capitals’ list. ( London is ranked first, FYI.) In Islamabad, the parks are covered over 85 square miles. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation have the responsibility of planning and maintaining the parks in Islamabad.

In this article, we will, one by one, focus on the 5 Best Parks in Islamabad.

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Before we begin the article, the following is the guide map of Islamabad for your convenience:

guide map of Islamabad

1. Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9 Park):

The Fatima Jinnah Park, also known as the F-9 Park or the Capital Park, was inaugurated in 1992 for the public. This recreational Park is at the top of our list of the 5 Best Parks in Islamabad. It is covered on the whole F-9 Sector and over the land area of 750 Acre.

 Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9 Park) Location

It is named after Fatima Jinnah, the younger sister of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It is the biggest Park in Islamabad and is only slightly smaller than the Central Park of New York. The F-9 Park was designed by Michael Japero.

 Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9 Park)

The acres of land is occupied by greenery and at a few places with man-made structures. The Park is iron fenced from all sides and have four main entrance gates:

  • Mehran Gate (Gate 1) at Jinnah Avenue
  • Khyber Gate (Gate 2) at Main Margalla Road
  • Bolan Gate (Gate 3) at Service Road
  • Ravi Gate (Gate 4) at Agha Shahi Avenue

Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9 Park)

The Fatima Jinnah Park has several long tracks for jogging, running, and walking. The parking lot is available at every gate for the people. Some of the important features of the Fatima Jinnah Park is as follows:

  • Tennis Court
  • Mini Skating Track
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cricket Playground
  • Amphitheatre Track
  • Pond
  • Kids Play Area
  • Pakistan Thalassemia Center
  • Awan-e-Quaid Library
  • Islamabad Aeromodelling Club (IAC)
  • Praying Area

 Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9 Park)

Location: Jinnah Avenue, Sector F-9, Islamabad

Timings: 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

2. Kachnar Park:

Kachnar Park is also included on our list of the 5 Best Parks in Islamabad. It is a beautiful park fit for daily jogging and walking. The significance of the name of the Kachnar Park is that several Kachnar trees can be found all over the Park. The scientific name of Kachnar is Bauhinia Variegate.

Kachnar Park

The Park is covered with grass and so many trees, however, it has an almost 2.2 km track for jogging, running, walking, and cycling. Many fitness points are also located in various areas of the Park. The tracks are lined with tall trees and lamp poles.

Kachnar Park

Similarly, several benches are also placed at various intervals of the Park so that fitness enthusiasts can take some rest after their recreational activities. People also prefer to come to this Park to exercise on the open grass surrounded by beauty and nature. Toilets are also available in the Park.

The Kachnar Park is located in the I-8 Sector of Islamabad.

Kachnar Park Location

Location: Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad

Timings: 6:30 AM – 8:00 PM

3. Rose & Jasmine Garden:

Rose & Jasmine Garden is one of the 5 Best Parks in Islamabad. As the name indicates, the garden has a huge variety of roses and Jasmine. Almost 200 types of roses and multiple types of jasmine can be found within the garden.

Rose & Jasmine Garden

The public Park or garden is covered over a land area of 40 Kanals. The garden is maintained by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The Rose & jasmine Garden is located within Shakarparian, nearby Srinagar Highway and can easily be accessed via Pakistan Monument Road.

Rose & Jasmine Garden Location

It is surrounded by various important landmarks:

  • Pakistan-China Center
  • Pakistan Sports Complex
  • Pakistan Monument
  • Jinnah Sports Stadium

Other than the lovely flowers and picnic spots, the garden has proper tracks for cycling, jogging, and walking.

Rose & Jasmine Garden

Rose & Jasmine Garden provides the following facilities:

  • Sitting Areas
  • Picnic Points
  • Walking Track
  • Running and Jogging Tracks
  • Cycling Track
  • Cafeteria
  • Parking Area

Location: Garden Avenue, Aabpara

Timings: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

4. Shakarparian National Park:

Shakarparian National Park is also one of the Best Parks in Pakistan. It is a national park as well as an amusement park. Shakarparian National Park is built over a large land area. The Park contains various popular tourist spots including the Pakistan Museum of Natural History, Pakistan Monument, and Lok Virsa Heritage Museum.

Shakarparian National Park

If we look at the history of the Park, we will find that before the independence, the old Gakhars tribe settled here. Later, in the early 1960s, the tribe was relocated so that the government could build the Park in the newly declared Federal Capital of Pakistan.

Shakarparian National Park

The parade for Resolution Day takes place annually at the Pakistan Day Parade that also lies in the vicinity of the Shakarparian National Park.

Shakarparian National Park

There are several hangout spots within the Park:

  • Yogi Haus
  • Valley Lounge
  • 1969 Café
  • Maantu Gul Kitchen
  • Nirvana Café

Shakarparin Hills has always been a great and popular spot for picnic purposes. This picturesque spot is located nearby Zero Point Interchange.

Shakarparian National Park Location

Location: Nearby Zero Point, Islamabad

Timings: 24 Hours

5. Lake View Park:

Lake View Park is the last on our list of the 5 Best Parks in Islamabad. It is wildlife, adventure, and amusement park in Malpur Village, nearby Rawal Lake on Marree Road. Rawal Lake is an artificial water reservoir that fulfills the water needs of the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Lake View Park Location

Lake View Park is run by the administration of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). It is a very good spot for those who want to plan an outdoor hangout with their families. It is a hub that offers various fun activities.

Lake View Park

The Park is well-maintained and offers the following facilities:

  • Camping Grounds
  • Play Grounds
  • Picnic Areas
  • Boating
  • Sitting Areas
  • Horse Riding
  • Paintball Battlefield
  • Rock Climbing Area
  • Food Corners
  • Motor Sports Ranch
  • Festival Arena
  • Fishing Area
  • Swimming Pool

Lake View Park

The Park has a huge bird aviary that houses several kinds of rare and beautiful birds. Moreover, the Park also hosts several cultural and musical events throughout the year. As the Park is really huge, the CDA has introduced golf carts and passenger road trains that would take the visitors from the gate of the Park to various areas of the Park.

Location: Murree Road, Islamabad

Timings: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


The 5 Best Parks in Islamabad will help you in learning which parks are the best in Islamabad and why. These parks not only adds to the beauty of the Capital but also attract the people because of their unique features and facilities.

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