The Higher Education Commission, known as HEC, is an authorized education authority that regulates the education system in Pakistan. It not only regulates and approves schools and universities but is also involved in degree attestation.

To facilitate the domestic people during covid-19, HEC officially designated the TCS courier company to attest degrees/diplomas or certificates issued by HEC recognized public or private universities. You can attest your degrees by using the nearest TCS service office.

HEC Degree Attestation through TCS

The Procedure of Degree Attestation:

There is a particular procedure for degree attestation of a Pakistani degree by HEC. Here’s the entire process to help you understand the HEC documents attestation procedure through the TCS Courier service.

Creating An Account:

The first process in degree attestation is to create an account by signing up in HEC Portal. For this, go to:

HEC Degree Attestation through TCS

The following information is required to sign up:

  • Choose your nationality
  • Enter your National Identity Card (CNIC) or Pakistan Origin Card (POC)
  • Choose your region
  • Confirm password, same as password entered
  • Provide mobile number
  • Provide a valid primary email
  • Submit the form

Note: Students with dual nationality should choose Pakistan as their nationality.

Completing Your Profile:

HEC Degree Attestation through TCS

Once you have signed in, fill out the required details. This part is a little time-consuming, but you have to provide complete details.

HEC Degree Attestation through TCS

In the above section, you’ll have to add the following information:

  • Educational details from matriculation to the highest degree obtained
  • Passport size photo
  • Scanned copy of CNIC
  • Relevant transcripts

Note: make sure the documents are completely readable and undersize 500kb.

Double-check to make sure all the spelling dates and documents are accurate.

Applying For Degree Attestation:

HEC has partnered with TCS Courier service for the degree attestation. The courier company would be responsible for getting the Attestation of documents from HEC and returning the documents to the applicants. If you want to verify your documents via courier, ‘Select the Attestation through Courier option.’

you’ll be required to:

  • Print out your application form
  • Visit any nearest TCS service
  • Submit the application form along with the original documents and CNIC
  • Pay the attestation fee to TCS

Note: after you receive the receipt of your payment, log in to the HEC portal and update the status of your application.

HEC Degree Attestation Fee:

Following are the fee you should pay for degree attestation:

Type of Document

Fee per copy

Original Degree/Mark Sheet PKR 1000
Photocopy of Degree/Mark Sheet PKR 700

Note: HEC attests the photocopies of degrees and transcripts only after the Attestation of the original documents.

Degree Receiving Procedure:

Once the payment is paid, the degree receiving procedure will be taken approximately 10 days for the HEC to attest the documents and send them back to your address via TCS.

Benefits of Attested Documents by HEC:

Document attestation is done to authenticate your documents to use abroad. It has much important to get your degree attested by HEC to:

  • Authenticity of documentation
  • Avoid fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Raises the chance of acceptance into international universities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the frequently asked questions about HEC degree attestation:

Q1: What is HEC degree attestation?

Ans: HEC degree attestation means to verify/authenticate your degrees/diplomas by HEC.

Q2: who can attest documents in Pakistan?

Ans: HEC is the only authorized authority in Pakistan that can attest the documents.

Q3: What is the HEC degree attestation fee through courier?

Ans: HEC degree attestation fee is RS. 1000/- in the case of original documents and RS. 700/- in case of photocopied degrees.

Q4: How can I attest my degree through TCS?

Ans: You can attest your degree by visiting the nearest TCS office.

Q5: What are the requirements for degree attestation through courier?

Ans: All you need is to download the filled application from the HEC portal and submit the form and your documents to the TCS office.


HEC plays an important role in raising the value of our education system in international forums. Getting your degree attested from the Higher Education Commission is vital for students who want to continue their studies in international institutes worldwide.

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