Passport Offices in Lahore are present in different localities for the convenience of the public. Just like identity cards, passports are also a kind of identity entity for international travel. This mechanism has been developed by the nations over time for safe travel by people from one country to another.

If any person or group of persons wants to travel abroad for educational, business, vocational or any other reason that they must have the passport or they will be deported and considered as illegal entries. For the ease of people in Lahore, the provincial government has set up several passport offices in Lahore. People apply for visas and passports mentioning the reason for travel.

The passport presents a set of basic information about its holders such as name, place, and date of birth, issue date, expiry date, passport number, photo, and signature of the holder.

How Many types of Passports are there in Pakistan?

Following types of passports are also issued Passports in Lahore.

Types of Pakistani Passport

There are usually three main kinds of passports issued by the government of Pakistan to the citizens such as follows:

1. Official Passports:

The official passports are issued to the Pakistani nationals who fall in the official categories such as Federal and Provincial Parliamentarians, Judges, government representatives or servants, and some others lying in the entitled categories.

2. Ordinary Passports:

This is an ordinary machine-readable passport that is issued to all the citizens of Pakistan, used for international visas.

3. Diplomatic Passports:

Diplomatic passports are issued to the diplomats and entitled classes.

Passport Offices in Lahore:

As per the Passport Act 1947, there are three passport offices in Lahore as follows:

Sr. No. Passport Office in Lahore Address Contact
8-A, Shahrah-e-Awan Tijarat, Shadman, Lahore 042-9201997-9201916
4-A, Sher Shah Block, Behind Barkat Market Near Himayat-ul-Islam Girls College, New Garden Town. 042-9201836
Lahore High Court Bar Association. N/A
27-xx phase 3, DHA, Khayaban e Iqbal Road, Lahore 042-99264396
Passport Counter at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry 11-A, Shara-e-Aiwan-e- Sanat-o-Tijarat, Lahore N/A
14 kilometer, Main Raiwind Road, Araiyan Morr, Lahore N/A
Saeed Park, Saggian Road Shahdara, Lahore 042-37921900

For further information, related to the above-mentioned offices, please get in touch with the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports.

Application Procedure for Passport Offices in Lahore:

The passport application procedure remains the same for the three types of passports in Lahore. The process will take some days, from initially applying to the delivery of the passport to the applicant.

Required Documents for Passport Application:

Several documents are required to apply for any of the three passports in Pakistan. The documents differ for adults and children. Take the following documents to any of the above-mentioned passport offices in Lahore:

  • 2 photocopies of CNIC or NICOP
  • Bank receipt of feet deposit
  • NOC for government employees
  • Original CNIC or NICOP with photocopies
  • Foreign passport and its copy in case of dual Nationality

For Children:

For persons under the age of 18 years, the required documents for passport application are mentioned as follows:

  • Bank receipt of the stated fee submission
  • Computerized Registration Certificate (CRC) issued by NADRA
  • In the case of dual Nationality, an Original photocopy of a foreign passport
  • CNIC photocopies of parents
  • 2 photocopies of the Bay Form from NADRA

For Renewal of Passport:

If you are willing to renew your present passport, the documents required for the procedure are:

  • Bank receipt of the authorized fee submission
  • Authentic CNOC
  • The previous passport and its photocopy

Passport Application Process in Lahore:

The procedure for the passport application is being maintained at the latest practices applicable around the world to make the process transparent and fast. All you have to do is bring the required documents and follow the stages mentioned below:

Stage 1:

First of all, you have to visit the main branch of the National Bank in your locality or in some cases the branch is next to the passport office. There you have to submit the passport fee and get the receipt. Take this receipt to the designated counter in the passport office to be issued a form. It is pertinent to mention that you could visit your district passport office to apply for the passport as per your CNIC.

Stage 2:

After submission of the form, you will be taken for further procedure. An official will capture your picture and issue the token number. Then you will wait for your turn. When your token number is called, then move to the designated counter and show your token.

Stage 3:

Submit your own biometric information at the counter where your token was announced.

Stage 4:

Now, you will be announced to enter your required information into a specific system such as name, date of birth (DOB), place of belonging, place of stay, etc. If you are there for the purpose of passport renewal, then also consult the concerned office there. Make sure that all the data that you are entering is free of any mistakes. Because in case of even minor mistake such as spelling, will cause an issue in the whole process.

Stage 5:

At this stage, your data will be cross-checked with the government record of the Exit Control List (ECL) and Bank List (BL).

Stage 6:

At this second last step, you will be called by the Assistant Director of the passport office for a short interview. The officer will ask you a few questions, and in case of everything is clear, a receipt will be issued with the passport tracking number for your application with a delivery date.

Stage 7:

At the delivery date, collect your passport from the passport collection counter in the Regional Passport Office. Do take the information at the beginning of the process in case of new changes in the procedure.


Passport offices in Lahore are working round the clock to offer services to the people. All you have to do is follow the procedure, get your documents straight, and there you go. The process is simple to follow. For more of such informative blogs, read How to Apply for a Driving License in Pakistan and Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan.