The top five haunted places in Islamabad are considered to be heaven for curious and adventurous people. If you have the nerves of steel and want to test your luck, then visit these top five haunted places in Islamabad. Business World brings this blog for you to consider admiring such places and be amazed.

Test your nerves and limits by visiting these uncharted territories. Islamabad is a mysterious place being a power hub of the country that is well-known for its stunning scenes. No doubt that it is the second most beautiful Capital in the world. The clean and peaceful environment further enhances its worth. For any information on the real estate opportunities in Islamabad, make sure to contact Sky Marketing or Tajarat Properties.

Following are the top five haunted places in Islamabad:

  1. Islamabad International Airport
  2. Shah ALLAH Ditta Caves
  3. Buddhist Graveyard
  4. Lotus Lake
  5. Lok Virsa

Islamabad International Airport:

It could sound a little bit hard to comprehend that how an airport could be a haunted place? But this is true. The reason is that the staff members working at the airport have reported several such incidents.

Islamabad International Airport

Several staff members have reported that they have witnessed paranormal activities at night, such as weird noises, shadows of the children playing around, and unusual creatures. The staff members have got scared, and many are reported to have fainted.

There are speculations that the new Islamabad International Airport is constructed on an old graveyard. That’s the reason that the airport is imagined to be haunted. Business World suggests that if you are a lover of haunted places, then do visit the airport and witness what a few people do in their lifetime.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves:

People living in Islamabad must have heard about the Shah Allah Ditta Caves. These caves date back almost 700 years, offering a unique place to visit. The caves are placed at an isolated site and considered to be haunted as it is situated where an old graveyard is also located.

Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Sounds scary? Keep reading; the visitors have also heard some creepy noises from these caves. Furthermore, the residents of the area have also seen some shadows. Business World advises that visit the caves in the day as much as possible.

The reason is that we don’t want you to come face to face with never seen creatures or any other paranormal activity. The Hills park in the vicinity of the caves is believed to be haunted as well. Many speculations are rumored by the locals to preserve their isolation and privacy, but the care is better than the risk of facing any unknown creature. Or if you are enthusiasts, then do visit the place and wish to witness any paranormal activity. Suppose you are coming from another city to stay in Islamabad, then go through 5 Best Guesthouses in Islamabad at Affordable Prices.

Lotus Lake Islamabad:

The people with a sense of adventure and exploring new places close to nature, this is the perfect place for them. The lake is situated in the Shakarparian, where it is famous that several dead bodies have been found in and around the lake.

Lotus Lake Islamabad

The rumors also speculate that the murderers used to leave the dead bodies around this place. The isolated places are perfect for any kind of crime or criminals to carry out their crime while unnoticed.

The lake was properly maintained since the 1970s, but later on, it was neglected and became a haven for criminals and other unwanted aspects of society. This is also the reason that it is considered haunted and creepy. People have also stopped visiting this once beautiful resort.

Buddhist Graveyard Islamabad:

The Buddhist Graveyard Islamabad is placed in Sector F-7. The place is well-known for paranormal activities witnessed by several people. The guards of the area have also felt some supernatural activities in the area.

Buddhist Graveyard Islamabad

The visitors and the residents of the locality have heard some unheard voices from the graveyard. The passerby has told that while passing through the area is like being watched by some creatures constantly.

Lok Virsa Islamabad:

The place is thickly covered by old and large trees along with other greenery. It is located in Shakarparian that is a protected area by the government authorities to preserve nature. This scenic place has been located at a separate place and considered filled with some paranormal phenomenon.

Lok Virsa Islamabad

If you want to feel such unusual activities, do visit these places and enjoy. Keep in mind that you will be visiting these places at your own risk. Better not take children or women with you.


The top five haunted places in Islamabad provide much-needed practical information to people from all over the country. For more information, you could contact Tajarat Properties or Sky Marketing.

These top five haunted places in Islamabad are the most sought-after place in Islamabad by adrenaline junkies. For more of such informative blogs, read Top Visa-Free Countries for Pakistan in 2021 and How to Apply for a Driving License in Pakistan.