Top 7 Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi:


The city of Rawalpindi is a beautiful and vibrant place to live along with the top 7 restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It is a small but extensive city located right next to Islamabad.

Most would agree that the food culture of Rawalpindi is exceptionally rich and flexible. Aside from many invigorating spots to visit and other vacation destinations, the food scene of Rawalpindi is most certainly on.

Top 7 Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

You can discover countless sweet and flavorful dishes in the city. Burgers, pasta, BBQ, soups, pulao, biryani, nihari… and so on. Everything is accessible in the city, and that too at reasonable rates. With time, the city has formed and changed into an advanced city without a doubt. One of the most well-known local locations in Rawalpindi is Bahria Town.

The cutting-edge local location with best in the class foundation, present-day houses, even 5 marla houses have excellent inside, and lovely scenes are the ideal spot to live in. Aside from these things, Bahria town has the absolute best food places in the city.

This article will cover the Top 7 Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi you should visit.

Asian Wok:

Chinese food is one of the most sought out cuisines eaten in Pakistan. Asian Wok presents its customers with a great menu of Chinese cuisine. You can enjoy steaming hot Pan-Asian food right here in Bahria Town. You can book it for birthday celebrations or huge social events. This spot is in every case full as individuals are, for the most part organizing their exceptional events.

Asian Wok

The general atmosphere of the spot is incredible. The painted divider and Chinese style add the bona fide Chinese component to the spot. Additionally, the staff is exceptionally gracious and mindful. They invite you with free margaritas and fish saltines. The spot is most likely serving the absolute best Asian cooking around.

Asian Wok Location:

The restaurant is located in Bahria Town, Phase 7. It is surrounded by several other well-known places such as Greenvalley Premium Hypermarket, Clock Tower Square, and DHA Phase 1.

Asian Wok Location


One of the exceptionally novel and intriguing cafés with regards to Bahria Town Rawalpindi is Kallisto staggered Restaurant. It will catch your eye at the principal sight as the engineering is somewhat not the same as the greater part of different choices accessible nearby.

The Aztec mountain will give you the energy of antiquated Greek and Egyptians. The eatery has various levels with a lounge area that is not quite the same as most, but stylishly lovely in its particular manner. You need to climb a ton of steps to get to your table. In this manner, it probably won’t be the perfect spot for seniors or impaired individuals.


At Kallisto, you can get food from various cooking styles. Their food is immaculate. You can arrange something other than what’s expected like Chili Bang with fish or meat or something customary like a BBQ platter.

You’ll discover everything in enough piece size, notwithstanding, marginally overrated by what they serve. They have gazebos on one of the levels. Around evening time, it gets truly beautiful when the entire region gets lit with lights all over the place. It’s the quietest inclination of all time.

Kallisto Location:

Kallisto is located in Bahria Town Phase 7. The highest level is pretty high, and you can see the whole Bahria Town and DHA from up there. At night it gets really pretty when the whole area gets lit with lights everywhere. It’s the most peaceful feeling ever.

Kallisto Location

Cafe Trieste:

Trieste brings the perfect mix of Italian culture and food and they serve the real Italian range in their assortment of dishes. While you enter the eatery, the style and vibe will take you directly to Italy. It is situated in a conspicuous area in Bahria Town with various attire marks close by.

The staff is exceptionally liberal and inviting. The comfortable couches will make you much more joyful with their administration.

Cafe Trieste

Going to their food, they have a decent assortment of nearly everything to fulfill your tastebuds. Be that as it may, in case you can’t settle on a choice, you can depend on the cook’s suggestion. One of their top-selling dishes is Polo Trieste which is chicken loaded down with spinach in a rich sauce.

In the wake of having a delectable supper, the last thing you need to fulfill your desires is a pastry. Furthermore, what is superior to a sizzling hot Skillet Brownie. It’s an unquestionable requirement attempt on the off chance that you visit Trieste, which is probably the best café in Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Cafe Trieste Location:

Café Trieste is located on the Bahria Town Expressway in Sector F. It is surrounded by several other well-known places such as Greenvalley Premium Hypermarket and the Clock Tower Square.

Cafe Trieste Location

Kartarpura Lounge:

Kartarpura Lounge, one of the main cafés in Bahria Town Rawalpindi that serves quality food with cleanliness. Likewise, the stopping at Kartar Pura relax is a lot simpler when contrasted with their old road. This drive has assisted many individuals with partaking in their food at considerably more agreeable couches and a spotless spot to sit while partaking in their food.

Kartarpura Lounge

Their assortment of desi food is incredible. Everything is cooked to its flawlessness. The menu incorporates Nehari, Mutton Paye, Tawa Qeema Chicken, Aloo Bhujiya, Aloo Chanay, and an assortment of Naan. their most running things were Nehari, Halwa and Puri, and Paye.

Kartarpura Lounge Location:

The restaurant is located in Bahria Town Phase 8. It is surrounded by several other well-known places such as China Center, The Statue of Liberty, and Bahria Intellectual Village.

Kartarpura Lounge Location

Houston Steakhouse:

In case you are searching for a spot that serves genuine and premium cut steaks, then you should attempt Houston Steakhouse. They serve mainland food and have an assortment of pretty much every sort of food.

In this manner, anybody can come here to fulfill their taste buds. The stylistic theme of the eatery has an extremely American style to it, straightforward and fair. Nothing extremely extravagant. They have an indoor and open-air yard where you can sit to partake in the outside air with a yummy breakfast, lunch, or supper.

Houston Steakhouse

The restaurant is located in a very secluded place and their tables are hardly full. So, while the pandemic keeping the social distance in mind, you can visit this place without any concerns.

Houston Steakhouse Location:

The restaurant is located in Bahria Town Phase 4 on Corniche Road. The restaurant gives a beautiful view along Soan Road. The Mini-Golf Course is just a 2-minute drive.

Houston Steakhouse Location

BBQ Bazar:

BBQ Bazar is a state-of-the-art restaurant located in Bahria Town. It provides its clients with a wide range of desi cuisine. It also offers Chinese and Italian cuisine as well. Going to their food, they have a good arrangement of almost everything to satisfy your tastebuds. Nevertheless, on the off chance that you can’t make a decision, you can rely upon the cook’s idea.

BBQ Bazar

It definitely makes a perfect combination of shopping and scrumptious dinner for everyone. The staff is very generous and welcoming. The comfy sofas will make you even happier with their service. The place gives a wonderful atmosphere with an opened air theme.

BBQ Bazar Location:

BBQ Bazar is located at the civic center Bahria Town Phase 4, Rawalpindi. The alluring ambience of this Pakistani restaurant really grabs attention. The place is lit with fairy lights for indoor and outdoor seating.

BBQ Bazar Location

Roasters Coffee and Grill:

Roasters Coffee and Grill has been quite into running ever since it was started. It is viewed as probably the best eatery in Rawalpindi and Islamabad in case you are longing for a decent piece of steaks and barbecued chicken.

The café has warm lights with a straightforward and rich arrangement, nothing extremely extravagant. It is peaceful and quiet, away from the bustling diners.

Roasters Coffee and Grill

Nowadays, they have orchestrated an arrangement in open air and roof which is amazingly lit with pixie lights and the new air is excessively mitigating for you to eat with loved ones. The assortment is exceptionally restricted and not up to the standard they have set for other segments

Roasters Coffee and Grill Location:

Roasters Coffee and Grill is located in Bahria Town Phase 7. It is located near the Greenvalley Premium Hypermarket and the Clock Town Square.

Roasters Coffee and Grill Location


This article provided the most important and the best information about the Top 7 Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, which you should definitely visit when you are in the city. All these restaurants provide state-of-the-art food and ambience. And it provides a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy a peaceful dinner or lunch with friends and family.