Toyota Vitz 2022 is a series of ‘subcompact hatchbacks’ currently being produced and delivered by Japanese car manufacturers under the same title. This car was introduced back in 1999. Since that time, this company has produced 2 new generations, along with a hybrid variant of this car. All of these versions of Toyota Vitz were a huge success.

Toyota Vitz 2022 Price in Pakistan

In 1998, the First generation of this car was showcased at ‘The Paris Motor Show. Its sales commenced in 1999. In 2005, the second generation of this car was launched. It contained a novel design and enhanced fuel efficacy. Another upgrade was that the four-cylinder engine of this car was also replaced with a three-cylinder engine, and the 1.3 Litre engine was also upgraded.

The third generation of this car is the newest in the line. Launched in 2010, it has an improved design, sporty features, and an interior that can be safely regarded as more spacious. This variant received two minor facelifts in 2014 and 2017.

In 2017, following these facelifts, the hybrid series was introduced in the Pakistani market with a hybrid powertrain.


The exterior of Toyota Vitz 2022 features a different and catchy design language. Halogen Headlights with ‘multi-reflectors’ are present at the front end of this car. Some other features on the front bumper of this car include a chrome-accented compact grille, and a hefty trapezium air intake. The rear end of this car contains sharp ‘trapezium-styled’ side swept headlights along with a horizontal chrome trim-piece which is of the length of a standard case ‘tailgate’.

The F variant and the Toyota Vitz Jewela have the same fourteen-inch steel wheels. The U variant of this car consists of a fifteen-inch steel wheel. Meanwhile, the RS variant of this car has a sixteen-inch wheel. Toyota Vitz Jewela and Toyota Vitz have identical external styling, except for the fact that Jewela variant consists of ‘Jewela exclusive rear emblem’.

All other variants of this car feature the same styling in all aspects. The overall exterior of the Third Generation Toyota Vitz has a similar design language, enabling it to stand out among the other car models/series.

However, the Toyota Vitz hybrid 2022 variant features a novel and distinctive design. The exterior of this car is slightly curvier, along with well-defined corners and edges. The front bumper is decorated with a large black-coloured grille, gives augments the Vitz hybrid’s bold and sporty essence.

The design of the rear end is also imagined differently. The rear of this car has a cleaner look, because of the presence of extended rear brake lamps and red reflectors at the lower side of the bumper. There is an additional feature of a reversing camera as well.


Toyota Vitz 2022 interior includes the following features:

  • Polished, black-coloured trim pieces
  • Fabric-covered rear and front seats
  • The F variant has a few standard features as well. These features include eight airbags, power windows, manual air conditioning, cup holders, urethane-covered power steering, power lock doors, tachometer, and an audio system with a stereo speaker
  • The U variant includes features such as front fog lights, power-adjustable mirrors, heated front seats, and an automatic air conditioning system. This variant also contains a deck board that is adjustable, and a smart entry and start system
  • The Toyota Vitz RS has additional options, with side airbags, climate control, satellite navigation, leather upholstery, cruise control, and power door mirrors
  • Toyota Vitz 2022 hybrid variant is affordable, along with being extremely user-friendly. It features steering controls along with multimedia functions. Trip and return functions are also added. However, this version lacks a push-button start feature.


Toyota Vitz has different options when it comes to the engine of this car. These choices range from 1.0L to 1.5L paired with a five-speed manual, six-speed manual, four-speed automatic, and CVT transmission.

  • The F variant consists of 1.0L and 1.3L options
  • The U variant has a 1.3L engine
  • The Jewela variant comes in 1.0L and 1.3L engine options
  • The Toyota Vitz RS has a 1.5L engine
  • The hybrid variants of this car have electric continuously variable transmission (CVT) with a ‘1.5-litre 4-cylinder’ DOHC internal-combustion engine
  • The non-hybrid versions of Toyota Vitz U, F and Jewela variants own a ‘Super CVT-I’ (defined as; Super continuously variable transmission)


The Toyota Vitz 2022 car has an average of 21.6km per litre if you talk about the 1.0L variant, 25km per litre if you are interested in the 1.3L variant and 34km per litre with the 1.5L Hybrid variant.

Toyota Vitz 2022 Price:

Variants Name

Price of Variant

‘Toyota Vitz F’ (1.0)

1000 cc, Petrol, Automatic

PKR 965,000
‘Toyota Vitz F’ (1.3)

1300 cc, Petrol, Automatic

PKR 1,035,000
‘Toyota Vitz F M Package’ (1.0)

996 cc, Petrol, Automatic

PKR 2,375,000
‘Toyota Vitz Hybrid F’ (1.5)

1486 cc, Hybrid, Automatic

PKR 2,975,000
‘Toyota Vitz Hybrid U’ (1.5)

1496 cc, Automatic, Hybrid

PKR 3,200,000
‘Toyota Vitz Jewela’ (1.3)

1329 cc, Petrol, Automatic

‘Toyota Vitz Jewela’ (1.0)

996 cc, Petrol, Automatic

PKR 1,795,000
‘Toyota Vitz U’ (1.3)

1300 cc, Petrol, Automatic

PKR 1,360,000


Toyota Vitz 2022 has a spacious interior, which makes a comfortable drive possible. It is a very fuel-efficient car which is also easy to manage. To know more about this car, visit our website Business World.