7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021

Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan


The 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021 are going to help you in deciding which site is best for you for online shopping. The online shopping trend is increasing rapidly in Pakistan. A huge amount of e-commerce websites are out there offering different local and imported items to the customers.

Since there are a large number of websites offering different products, it can get difficult to narrow down which of these websites are reliable and offer good-quality products along with good-quality services.

In this fast and digital age, people are inclined to choose a medium that would save them the time and the trouble of going to the market and getting the desired products.

Importance of Online Shopping:

The online shopping trend has been hip ever since before the Covid-19. Because of the numerous advantages and benefits, an increasing number of consumers now choose online shopping over traditional shopping. In recent years, the buyer’s decision-making process has shifted significantly.

Before chatting with a salesperson, buyers perform thorough research online. Buyers are increasingly making more direct purchases online and through their smartphones, rather than visiting traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Doing business has never been easier or faster than it is now, thanks to the internet. It has resulted in a shift in how people conduct business, with a rapidly rising global trend toward online shopping or e-commerce.

Online Shopping – Need of the Hour:

Online purchasing became a necessity as a result of Covid, and digital retailers can’t thank Covid enough for that. Since 2020, the online shopping craze in Pakistan has taken a sudden turn, with people turning to internet platforms to fulfill their needs.

Nonetheless, the new normal isn’t unacceptable, and conventional buying is still allowed; some Pakistanis have become fascinated with internet shopping, something that’s not really surprising at all.

In 2021, many Pakistani portals are leading across all digital platforms and are receiving high website traffic due to the online purchasers. Let’s have a look at some of the best online shopping websites that are considered as 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021.

1. Daraz. pk

Daraz is currently at the top of the list of best online shopping websites. Daraz sells a huge sum of products of various brands and retailers of Pakistan. The number of their customers is in the millions as they offer a variety of products at affordable rates.

Daraz. pk

Daraz was originally founded in 2012 as an online fashion store and was funded by a German-based company, Rocket Internet. Later in 2015, it was changed into a general e-commerce market.

Daraz. pk

Daraz Group, the parent company of Daraz’s operations in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, was founded in 2015. Kaymu, a South Asian consumer-to-consumer internet marketplace, was acquired by Daraz in July 2016. It launched operations in Nepal and Sri Lanka as a result of this acquisition.

Daraz was bought by Alibaba Group for an undisclosed sum in May 2018. Daraz Express (DEX), Daraz’s in-house digitalized logistics arm, was formed in September 2018 to support the company’s expansion into major regions after the purchase. DEX now fulfills more than 60% of all Daraz orders. Daraz definitely is at the top of the list of 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021

2. AliExpress

AliExpress is included in the7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021as well. AliExpress is a Chinese-based online retail company owned by Alibaba Group that is one of the world’s top e-commerce corporations. It was founded in 2010 with the goal of selling Chinese products directly to consumers online.


AliExpress does not sell its own goods rather; it is a platform that allows independent Chinese small businesses and factories to sell directly to individual buyers all over the world.


It’s also worth noting that AliExpress does not allow mainland Chinese citizens to purchase things directly. Native Chinese nationals, on the other hand, must shop in a completely distinct market.

AliExpress has a vast selection of products that cover almost any topic you can think of. As AliExpress is based in China, where labor costs are extremely low, AliExpress products are extremely inexpensive.

The Aliexpress procedure is that the shipment is sent to the IMO (International Mailing Office) first. The latter is separated from the parcel by the mail agent. The item is then delivered to the FBR customs house. The customs officer examines the contents of the parcel to see if they are subject to customs duty. Aliexpress is quickly becoming one of the most popular online shopping destinations.

3. Amazon

Amazon is a world-renowned e-commerce platform that was established by Jeff Bezos on 5th July 1994. Originally, it was a website that sold books only but the founder of the company had the vision to expand the company as he always wanted his company to be “an everything store”.


The headquarter of the company is located in Seattle, Washington, America. The company sells all kinds of products, including books, groceries, electronics, etc.


Amazon is known for using technology innovation and enormous size to disrupt well-established businesses. By revenue and market capitalization, it is the world’s largest online marketplace, Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant provider, a live-streaming platform, and cloud computing platform.

Amazon is the world’s most profitable Internet corporation. It is the United States’ second-largest private employer and one of the world’s most valuable corporations. Amazon has the largest global brand valuation as of 2020.

At the beginning of 2021, Amazon started its operations in Pakistan. Now Pakistanis can buy whatever they require from Amazon. Hence, it is also included in the 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021.

4. Goto.com

Goto.com is a Karachi-based online shopping service in Pakistan that provides users with a flawless and hassle-free buying experience because it provides clients with stability, innovation, and quick service.


It is one of the fastest-growing online retail networks. It specializes in household appliances, including electrical devices, and sells products in a variety of categories, including fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brand categories. Goto.com provides free home delivery to all cities in Pakistan with a 3-7 day delivery service to make things easier for its consumers.

Goto.com has gained several customers over the years, and it is absolutely one of the 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021.

5. Telemart. pk

One of the most rapidly expanding electronics e-commerce stores on the internet, Telemart. pk is a great website with a lot of visitors. The company has 27 years of experience dealing with excellence and professionalism.

Telemart. pk

Telemart.pk is one of the 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021. For those looking to acquire technological items such as cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices, Telemart.pk is the place for them.

Telemart. pk

Watches, jewellery, and accessories are among the items available on Telemart. pk. Many of the folks who shop at Telemart prefer not to shop anywhere else.

It has risen to the top of Pakistan’s most popular online shopping sites as the country’s oldest. Customers can get unique discounts and incentives by using the Telemart Debit Card/App. It is a massive online marketplace in Pakistan, with over 1.5 million online products.

6. Shophive.com

Because of its user-friendly features, Shophive.com is one of the 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021. To order anything, all you have to do is select your payment method and shipping address to receive your things immediately.


It has been in operation since 2006 and provides local and international products through a single web gateway. In addition, the company is well-known for its customer-friendly support, speedy service, and simple payment plans for a variety of products. There are a variety of payment alternatives available.


The company sells a wide selection of electronics, cellphones, personal care items, health products, and home appliances. They’ve divided the corporate sector from the private sector, where they work with business owners to meet their acquisition needs.

7. Yayvo.com

Yayvo.com began as a redesign of TCS Connect, a 2012 online retail portal. TCS, one of Pakistan’s top logistics corporations, introduced TCS Connected at a period when online shopping portals with several verticals or categories were just getting started. It is among the list of 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021.


Adam Dawood, the creator of Yayvo.com, is sure that the company would soon be able to compete with Daraz. This portal intends to work with a Chinese corporation for investment to achieve this goal.


This online portal is quickly becoming Pakistan’s best online shopping site, with an annual income of 1.5 million dollars. Home, kitchen, technology, fitness, fashion, beauty, and other categories are represented on Yayvo.com. You can pay with a debit card or cash at the time of delivery.

TCS has roughly 800 express centers, 4,000 dispatch riders, and warehouses spread across all major cities.


The 7 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2021 are going to help you in choosing websites for online shopping. All the above-mentioned websites are quite popular in Pakistan as they fulfill the requirements of their customers.

Most people prefer to shop for daily use and other products online nowadays, and several particular online shopping websites have made their lives easier by providing reliable products. Almost all the websites provide a Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method to avoid the occurrence of any scams.

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