The 7 best restaurants in Multan are serving people from all around the country, making it a famous tourist destination in the country. Multan is the city of saints well known for several pious persons belonging to this land. Sufi shrines, rich culture, and traditional cuisine are what make Multan a famous city in Pakistan. The Multan is also historically rich.

Following is the list of 7 best restaurants in Multan:

  1. Bundu Khan Restaurant
  2. Shangrilla Chinese
  3. London Courtyard
  4. Shahjahan Grill
  5. BBQ Tonight
  6. Aangan
  7. X2 Restaurant

Bundu Khan Restaurant:

The first restaurant that Business World would like to recommend is the Bundu Khan Restaurant. It is famous all over the country, attracting food lovers. The place is guaranteed in the 7 best restaurants in Multan.

Bundu Khan Restaurant

The food and environment are outstanding while welcoming the guests warmly. The restaurant is offering indoor air-conditioned sitting along with outdoor. The whole area is beautifully designed, and the lighting is immaculate, creating a memorable fine dining experience.

The Bundu Khan Restaurant offers genuine desi dishes in addition to sweet and savory cuisines. Furthermore, the place also runs buffets that are loaded with endless dishes. The affordability and the high-level quality of its buffet are exceptional. Its specialties are matchless with mouth-watering dishes such as Zafrani Mutton Leg, Chicken Boneless Handi, and Mutton Tawa Chops.

Due to the prevalent conditions of COVID-19, the Bundu Multan has developed a state-of-the-art food delivery providing sizzling hot dishes at the place of order. You could remain indoors and enjoy their food. The Bundu Multan is located at an accessible location near 64 Abdali Road Near SP Chowk, Altaf Town Multan. Business World speaks with experience that if a person visits the place once, he would be compelled to return.

Shangrilla Chinese Multan:

Those who are lovers of Chinese cuisine must visit Shangrilla Chinese at least once in a lifetime. The place among the oldest fine dining places in Multan offering a blast of yummy dishes since its inception. The residents of Multan consider Shnagrilla Chinese second to none when it comes to Chinese cuisine.

Shangrilla Chinese Multan

The family-like environment is matchless than any other in the city. The serving staff is well-trained and qualified to make them worthy of serving in such an outstanding restaurant. This is the place that you cannot afford to miss. If you are visiting Multan, then this is the place that must be visited.

While dining in the restaurant, you won’t feel the difference in the taste of the Chinese cuisine due to the level of perfection that it offers. Its dishes, such as chow-mein, soups, and Kung Pao Chicken, are among the most wanted dishes. Its location is easily accessible as it is situated at 117B Bohra street, Saddar Multan Cantt Commercial Area.

London Courtyard Multan:

London Courtyard Multan has been serving the foodies for years with 100% customer satisfaction. The place offers finger-licking good food such as Italian dishes, fast food, pizzas, coffee, and a range of desserts. It was newly developed in 2017 to bring a new change in the food industry of Multan by offering a change to the food lovers of Multan and Pakistan.

London Courtyard Multan

Whether you want to visit alone, with family or friends, their ambiance is designed to welcome all in an exclusive manner. They have never compromised on the quality, which is a reason for our swift success.

The restaurant offers fine dining options such as exclusive cappuccino, classic cedar salad, Oxford stuffed chicken, molten lava cake, and much more. Hi-tea platers are part of the menu stuffed with loads of savory dishes. It is accessibly located at 35 A, Gulgasht Colony, Multan.

Shahjahan Grill Multan:

Shahjahan Grill Multan is a kind of restaurant that is made to serve unique food at affordable costs in the most welcoming ambiance. The place is famous for genuine Mughlai dishes and other traditional yet historic dishes. This place is indeed a blessing in disguise. The credit definitely goes to the Chefs, owners, and management for offering such a best package in a pocket-friendly environment.

Shahjahan Grill Multan

The exterior and interior give away the Mughal era vibes. The Mughal-style structure of the building is an elegant yet true work of art. The free and secure parking is no issue for the guests visiting Shahjahan Grill Multan.

The huge menu is itself the reflection of hard work and dedication to providing top-notch 20 food dishes to the foodies. The staff is trained, and the services are worthy enough of the Mughal era elegance. It is located at 11-A Gulgasht Avenue, Multan.

BBQ Tonight Multan:

The BBQ Tonight Multan was launched with all its glory in 1988, making it one of the oldest fine dining places. The place offers a range of cuisine, including desi and Western dishes, with nothing less than perfection.

BBQ Tonight Multan

The restaurant is located at Chaman Zar Askari Jheel, an accessible spot from any area of the Multan. The ambiance is just perfect for getting peace of mind at a place where happiness starts and ends with tasty foods. The people of Multan and any person visiting the city feel incomplete not visiting the place. This is the reason it lies among the 7 Best Restaurants in Multan.

Aangan Restaurant Multan:

If you like to taste new foods and visit exclusive places, then Aangan Restaurant Multan is a place of choice recommended by the Business World. The trained staff provides unmatched services, making you feel like dining in a 7-star hotel. The ambiance of the place is beyond comprehension.

Aangan Restaurant Multan

Aangan is an ultra-luxurious place to dine with your family and friends. The memories and tastes that it left in your personality are lifetimes. Once you visit Aangan, you would be appealed to revisit again and again. Its specialty is its BBQ dishes such as Murgh BBQ, Mutton & Lamb BBQ, Beef BBQ, Taka Tak, and fish. It is located at a prime location on 41-A Gulgasht, Multan.

X2 Restaurant Multan:

X2 Restaurant Multan, as its name suggests, was established to offer a dining experience in Multan that no other food place has achieved. This place is meant to produce excellent quality food offered in an excellent ambiance.

X2 Restaurant Multan

It is located at 25-A Gulgasht Colony, Multan. The interior is designed in a minimalistic yet elegant manner, giving away modern food vibes in a culturally rich city. The food place offers desi and continental dishes at cost-effective rates with zero compromises on quality. You could easily visit and enjoy the food with family and friends. This is the reason the X2 has been declared among The 7 Best Restaurants in Multan.


The 7 Best Restaurants in Multan are serving top-notch food with 100% customer satisfaction. The people of Multan are lucky to possess such restaurants providing no less than tasty foods with affordability. For more information, you may contact Sky Marketing or Tajarat Properties.

Business World highly recommends trying each of these restaurants, and let us know with the feedback. If you want to know more about such places, then read the best restaurants in Rawalpindi, the best cafés in Islamabad, the best restaurants in Lahore, and the 9 best guest houses in Lahore.