Best Restaurants in Rawalpindi 2021


Rawalpindi is a small city, yet its people have a big heart. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to lip-smacking food. From juicy BBQ to hot and crispy parathas, from cheesy pizzas to juiciest burgers, Rawalpindi has so much to offer. This article aims to list the best restaurants in Rawalpindi 2021.

Best Restaurants in Rawalpindi 2021:

Rawalpindi is home to some of the famous eateries where the masses enjoy yummilicious food along with the finest ambiance. If you are looking for a nice place to dine within Rawalpindi, below is the list of some best restaurants in Rawalpindi:

1. The Monal Restaurant:

The first restaurant on our list of the best restaurants in Rawalpindi is The Monal Restaurant. The restaurant has two more branches located in Islamabad. The place is well-known for its desi food. Also, the restaurant serves a variety of platters from Italian, Chinese, and Thai cuisine.

The Monal Restaurant

The Monal Restaurant has a top-quality buffet arrangement with delicious dishes from Pakistani and international cuisine. The place is also booked for family gatherings, birthday bashes, and other small events. So, the place is a suitable option if you want to have a nice family day out.

Address: Murree Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Phone: (051) 5130304

2. Ox & Grill Steak House:

If you are a steak lover, you should definitely pay a visit to Ox & Grill Steak House. The place has a variety of big, juicy, and succulent steaks that can make your day. People also relish the scrumptious nachos offered in the restaurant.

Ox & Grill Steak House

The food is delicious and worth the cost. Moreover, the place features a pleasant ambiance and friendly staff.

Address: Rafiq Sehgal Street, Murree Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Phone: (051) 5130023

3. Tandoori:

Tandoori is the only place in Rawalpindi that offers delicious BBQ at reasonable rates. Also, the place has an affordable, tummy-filling hi-tea with various options, and it costs you only PKR 1,000. Besides, the place has a beautiful interior, fine ambiance, and welcoming staff.


Address: Sector E DHA Phase 1, Rawalpindi

Contact: (051) 5788896

4. Chaaye Khaana:

The next place on the list of the best restaurants in Rawalpindi is the well-known Chaaye Khaana. The place is the most appropriate option to have a cup of tea and munch on yummy snacks. Also, the restaurant has a collection of books for the book nerds.

Chaaye Khaana

Chaaye Khaan features a cool and calm ambiance. The food quality is also up to the mark. For tea lovers, the restaurant has a variety of teas. With tea, you can relish their garlic mushroom toast and crepes.

Address: Main Boulevard, Bahria Town Phase 5, Rawalpindi

Phone: (051) 5733673

5. BBQ Tonight:

As the name refers, the place is suitable for those who want to savor spicy barbeque, karahi, and kulchay. The food in BBQ Tonight is yummilicious and easy on the pocket. The menu has a variety of food from various cuisines. Also, the interior is appealing and the ambiance is comforting.

BBQ Tonight

Address: The Ranch Main Paradise Road, Phase 4 Bahria Town, Riding Club, Street, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Punjab

Phone: 0331 6534885

6. Hamlet BBQ:

Hamlet BBQ is a new addition to the best restaurants in Rawalpindi. Located in Bahria Town, the restaurant has been winning the hearts of the masses through its juicy BBQ and delicious desi food.

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If you visit this place, do try their hi-tea platter and chicken cheese handi that will satisfy your taste buds. Hamlet BBQ ensures to have a lasting impression on the customers through its unique and authentic flavors & spices.

Address: 18/A Bahria Expy, Phase 7 Sector F DHA Phase 1, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 8733888

7. Mei Kong:

Mei Kong is another mesmerizing eating spot in Rawalpindi. The place has a peaceful and work-friendly ambiance and the interior is captivating. The restaurant offers an extensive menu that has dishes from Chinese cuisine. The dishes are based on sheep, chicken, shrimp, and fish. Moreover, you can also relish some vegetarian dishes in Mei Kong.

Mei Kong

Address: 32 Haider Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi

Phone: (051) 5566577

8. Roasters:

Roasters has been consistent in delivering delicious and top-quality food to the masses. It is most famous for its parmesan pasta and chicken kiev that are among its best-selling dishes. The place features a cool ambiance, beautiful furniture, and some good music playing in the background.


Address: De One Plaza, Spring North, Phase 7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

Phone: (051) 2728010

9. Slider Zone:

For all the burger lovers, Slide Zone is all that you need. A fusion of fast and fine dining, Slider Zone offers a variety of affordable burgers of beef and chicken. The burgers feature the perfect serving size and lip-smacking taste.

Slider Zone

Apart from burgers, Slider Zone also welcomes you to try the pineapple delight that is worth it. So, if you are planning to have a day out with your friends or family, go visit the Slider Zone.

Address: Bahria, Food St, near Green Valley, Rawalpindi

Phone: (051) 8444450

10. Savour Foods:

There is no delight in living in Rawalpindi if you have not visited Savour Foods. No pulao can beat the taste of the pulao kabab of Savour Foods. One of the best things about Savour Foods is affordability combined with quality.

Savour Foods

Besides its pulao, the restaurant also offers chicken burgers and wings. All the dishes are easy on the pocket. If you are a student or someone who is looking for a cheap, clean, and fulfilling meal, then Savour Foods is the best stop.

Address: Gordon College Road, Pindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi. Bagh e Sardaran, Rawalpindi

Contact: 051-4855021

11. Asian Wok:

Asian Wok is another famous restaurant within the vicinity of Rawalpindi. The place is getting popular by leaps and bounds for delivering top-quality food. Asian Wok is a go-to spot for people who want to satisfy their Chinese cravings.

Asian Wok

When you enter the restaurant, the cool ambiance with some good music strikes you at first. Also, the staff is quite welcoming and courteous. Food in Asian Wok is always fresh, piping hot, and fulfilling in quantity. So, if you want to relish good Chinese food with your friends and family, then do visit this place.


This blog tells you all you need to know about Best Restaurants in Rawalpindi 2021. From the glamorous interior of Monal Restaurant to the appetizing food of BBQ Tonight, all of the restaurants offer excellent dining services to their customers.

Also, most of these restaurants have a work-friendly environment where you can work in a tranquil atmosphere. Thus, all of the above-mentioned restaurants are worth visiting and enjoying their yummy dishes and beautiful ambiance.

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