Islamabad is famous  for not only being the capital city of Pakistan but also for various other reasons. It is a cosmopolitan city that inhabits people from different cultures and countries. Business World brings you the List of the 5 Best Shopping Malls in Pakistan, where you can shop, enjoy food, and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Islamabad is considered a posh and elegant city, which has attracted many elites, either for business or personal desires. For people’s convenience, several construction companies in Pakistan have constructed exclusive shopping malls in Islamabad.

The shopping malls in Islamabad have luxurious buildings, and several brand shops are situated within these malls. The lavish buildings add to the charm and attractiveness of the city. Also, people are facilitated by having different shops under one building, such as clothing, jewelry, perfumes, makeup, accessories, and of course, food.

So, let us start our blog with the List of the Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad to make your life easy.

List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad:

Following is the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad:

  1. The Centaurus Mall
  2. The Giga Mall
  3. The Olympus Mall
  4. The Safa Gold Mall
  5. The Al-Jannat Mall

1. The Centaurus Mall:

Centaurus Mall Islamabad was established on 17th February 2013. It is situated at an ideal location, which is in F-8/4, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad. It is the first-ever mall that is being constructed in the twin cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad).

The Centaurus Mall

The Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is famous among people for its striking architecture and exceptional choice of shopping outlets. The remarkable thing about this mall is that it has different national and international brands under one building.

Centaurus Mall comes at the top of the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad. It is well-known for its eye-catching infrastructure that involves three sky-scraping buildings, combined with an exceptional cross waved design. It features three residential and official incorporation buildings and a five-story shopping mall.

The huge building of this mall gives a beautiful view from far and is certainly an attraction besides being a marketing enterprise. Like every other reputable mall, this mall also has a Fun Land with joyful rides. Also, you will get to see a lot of foreign faces at Centaurus since it is a well-recognized building. Get to know about Top Shopping Malls in Lahore.

2. The Giga Mall:

Like Centaurus Mall, Giga Mall is another example that is on the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad. Giga Mall is also located at a prime location, i.e., G.T. Road, Sector F, DHA Phase. The mall shares its site with the World Trade Center Islamabad. Therefore, the World Trade Center Islamabad and the Giga Mall buildings turn out to be superb spots.

The Giga Mall

Giga Mall includes all prominent brands (international or national) and even the ones in the developing phase. It was opened on 22nd March 2016. Besides the shopping mall, it also has a cinema hall, “Giga Mall Cineplex,” where you can enjoy watching movies with your close ones.

The mall also features the famous supermarket, Hyperstar. Certainly, it also has a kid’s play area. Giga Mall gives you a luxurious experience by fulfilling your needs. Several amenities facilitate the public, comprising ATMs, escalators, free Wi-Fi, elevators, special areas for prayers, and wheelchair (assistance for disabled people).

Another striking feature of Giga Mall that makes it included in the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad is that you can also get amazing discounts on different outlets. So what are you waiting for? Get up, grab your wallet, and head to the Giga Mall. Get to know about Best Cinemas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

3. The Olympus Mall:

Olympus Mall is situated at F-11 Markaz, with all the luxurious facilities. The curved structured shopping mall is on another level, making it in the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad. Its structure makes it stand out from other buildings and attracts people to come and enjoy shopping here; there are a lot of brand outlets within the mall.

The Olympus Mall

The mall represents the Greek archeological style that makes it unique from others. Some other key features of this shopping mall include designer and branded outlets, food court, rooftop restaurants, play area, central air conditioning, backup generators, escalators, panoramic lifts, state-of-the-art security system, two basements underground parking, valet parking, and earthquake-resistant architecture.

Olympus Mall in Islamabad is recognized for its outlook and inside profile, which will be no less than the other famous malls of the world. Likewise, the mall’s construction has been completed, and it will be made open for business and trade with the public as soon as the marketing shops are launched. Get to know about Best Swimming Pools in Islamabad.

4. The Safa Gold Mall:

Safa Gold Mall is located in the heart of Islamabad as a part of the well-known Jinnah market at F-7 Markaz. Safa Gold Mall has done a great job by presenting a series of continental foods and even the local street foods of Pakistan in its food court.

The Safa Gold Mall

The mall is situated at an ideal point that the mall’s windows give a beautiful view of Margalla hills, so when one is entertaining himself with food, they can even indulge in the sceneries near them.

One of the reasons to count it in the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad is its chain of several shops. Unlike Centaurus, this mall is quite affordable with the accessibility of all the shopping items. Therefore, Safa Gold Mall offers choices for every kind of person.

Additionally, Safa Gold Mall is the perfect choice to buy the top fashion brands like Sana Safinaz, Limelight, Khaadi, etc. It further introduces fun-filled and entertaining activities that you and your family can involve in.

Also, there is a play area for the kids with full safety and a sustainable environment. However, in appearance, it is not higher than the Centaurus Mall, but it gives a fair competition. Get to know about Best Parks in Islamabad.

5. The Al-Jannat Mall:

Al-Jannat Mall Islamabad is the last name that is on the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad. The mall is the best place in the twin cities for every kind of shopping; jewelry, shoes, branded clothes, kids’ clothes, etc.

The Al-Jannat Mall

It’s a three-story shopping mall with all facilities comprising elevators, special areas for prayers, ATM, first aid, play area, etc. All clothing brands outlets are in this mall, making it easier to shop under one roof.

The best thing that makes it to the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad is that they value their customers. It is situated at a prime location of G-9 Markaz Islamabad. The ideal location makes people from Rawalpindi and Islamabad head over to the mall whenever they want to.


Above is the List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad that offers quality services with all extravagance facilities. The individuals of the twin cities consider these malls to be the best place to shop under one roof.

These malls are also considered as some of the renowned places to visit in Islamabad. Many people visit these malls every day to experience the elite-class lifestyle with family and friends. For any kind of real estate information please consult Sky Marketing & Tajarat Properties.

Business World also understands your need for clean and affordable rooms in Islamabad, which is accessible to all, and also people may visit the nearest shopping malls. Give this article a read, and share your reviews with us about any of them. Get to know about the best universities in Islamabad.