Decisions regarding one’s career can be very important and a truly stressful task. The situation can worsen if a person does not have any proper guidance regarding picking their career path. Hence, this article will provide you with appropriate knowledge regarding the telecommunications equipment industry to make an informed decision.

Below mentioned are some important points (and some of the most Frequently Asked Questions) that one needs to take into consideration before choosing the telecommunications equipment industry as a career path.

What is Telecommunication Industry?

The Telecommunication Industry holds great significance in our day-to-day lives. For example, visualize a day without your cellphone network; wouldn’t it be unimaginable to live without being in touch with people you care for, who stay miles afar?

The telecommunication industry is responsible for the transmission of video, voice, internet, data, and additional communications in today’s world. Following are its 4 main components:

  • Line
  • Channel
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Hence, it can be safely said that telecommunication is indeed a ‘global’ industry.

Is Telecommunications a Good Career Path?

The telecommunication industry is popular for offering many job openings every year. This industry has a very high demand at a global level. An increase in the advancement of this industry is also foreseen because of the fast ‘technological advancement’ happening in the 21st century.

Hence, we can certainly assume that the telecommunications equipment industry is an excellent career choice.

What are the Qualifications Required?

This industry has job openings for almost all educational levels. However, most job roles in this industry require master’s and bachelor’s degrees. People specializing in telecommunication usually get hired for  ‘technicians’ and ‘engineers’ positions.

‘Telecom technicians’ usually need ‘postsecondary education’ in telecommunications, electronics, or computer networking. Most jobs in the field of telecommunication industry offer training at the beginning of a job role.

What is the type of work that Telecommunication Equipment professionals do?

It is different for different telecommunication equipment professionals depending upon their job roles. Following are the types of work a technician in telecom has to do:

  • Installing and maintaining communication-signal transmitting equipment/devices. These devices also support internet connection and join phone lines
  • Moreover, below mentioned are the types of work an engineer in telecom has to do:
  • Working with and repairing critical machines

What is the number of Jobs Available in ‘Telecommunications Equipment’?

Below mentioned are the types of jobs available within this specific industry:

  • Data Analyst
  • Cable Installer
  • VoIP Engineer
  • Systems Manager
  • Computer Programmer
  • Telecommunication Operator
  • Telecommunication Technician
  • Telecommunications Specialist
  • Telecommunications Manager
  • Customer Service Representative

What is the most-paying Job Position?

The recent reports of the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) revealed the average yearly salary for all telecommunications positions to be an average of $74,130 annually. Below mentioned are some of the most-paying job positions in this field:

  • Telecommunications Technician in this field earns $24.8/hour on average
  • Systems Manager makes $88,169 annually
  • Telecommunications Specialist in this field earns $81,690 annually
  • Telecommunication Manager in this field earns around $79,796 annually
  • VoIP Engineer is the highest paid on the list as he/she makes an average of $122,923 annually
  • Telecommunications Engineer earns a whopping amount of $96,179/year

What is the Work Environment of this Industry?

The job placement in this field is mostly done in the electronic service centers or central offices. Remote working options are also available. Generally, it greatly really depends on how your work environment will turn out in the position you are hired for.


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