List of Hospitals in Lahore


It is a famous proverb that ‘health is wealth.’. Healthcare is a basic need and right of every citizen of a state. Pakistan is a country with many private and government hospitals functioning and providing the finest healthcare facilities to the citizens. This article aims to provide you with a list of hospitals in Lahore that are offering the best medical services.

List of Hospitals in Lahore:

Below is our compiled list of hospitals in Lahore. Let us go through the list and find out all the necessary details about them, like where they are situated and what treatment they offer.

1. Jinnah Hospital:

Jinnah Hospital comes first on our list of hospitals in Lahore. Given the name of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, this hospital was established in 1996. The hospital is spread over 105 acres and is located near Faisal Town.

Jinnah Hospital

Jinnah Hospital initially started its operations and healthcare services with very limited facilities. The facilities grew over time, and finally, in 2005, the hospital developed its emergency department with 100 beds.

At present, the hospital has a total of 1500 beds and offers a variety of healthcare facilities to the people. The services of Jinnah Hospital include surgery, gynecology, and pediatrics. Moreover, the top-notch institute of Allama Iqbal Medical College is also affiliated with Jinnah Hospital.

Location: Usmani Rd, Quaid-i-Azam Campus, Lahore, Punjab 54550

Contact Number: (042) 99231400

2. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH):

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH) was established by the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to treat cancer patients from all over the country. The PM inaugurated SKMH on December 29, 1994.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH)

The hospital features state-of-the-art medical technologies. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best cancer-treating hospitals in the country. At present, there are 195 beds in the hospital. The internationally recognized hospital is spread over 20 acres.

Location: 7A, Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Block R3, M.A Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: (042) 35905000

3. Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC):

Situated on Jail Road, Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) offers tertiary care to heart patients. It is an inexpensive hospital that treats heart diseases. Therefore, most of the patients in this hospital are from the unprivileged class. The treatment is cheap; however, for poor patients, the hospital offers free-of-cost treatment.

Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC)

PIC is also running awareness programs and preventive measures on heart diseases to keep people aware of various cardiac diseases. This institute also assists other cardiac hospitals throughout Punjab.

Punjab Institute of Cardiology offers free-of-cost treatment to patients. The emergency is active 24/7. At present, the hospital has a total of 547 beds for patients. Other facilities in the hospital include all relevant diagnostic tests, interventional and operative procedures, and intensive cardiac care units.

Location: Jail Rd, Shadman 1 Shadman, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Number: (042) 99203051-65

4. Combined Medical Hospital (CMH):

Combined Medical Hospital (CMH) is operated by Pakistan Armed Forces and is affiliated with CMH University, Lahore. The hospital was established to offer top-quality medical treatment to both the armed forces and the civilians.

Combined Medical Hospital (CMH)

CMH Lahore features a highly trained medical staff and the latest medical technology. Besides the basic medical treatments, the hospital also has the following surgeons who are available 24/7:

  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Dermatologist
  • Endocrinologist
  • General Surgeon
  • Physiotherapist
  • Thoracic Surgeon

Location: Abdul Rehman Rd, Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Phone: (042) 99221109

5. Mayo Hospital:

Another hospital in our list of hospitals in Lahore is Mayo Hospital. Named after the Earl of Mayo, the old Viceroy and Governor-General of India, Mayo Hospital Lahore is the largest and oldest hospital in the city. The hospital has been providing medical care facilities since the late 19th century.

Mayo Hospital

The hospital was founded in 1870; however, the operations started in 1871. Mayo Hospital is ranked among the largest hospitals in Southeast Asia. The total number of beds in the hospital on 14th August 1947 was 300 only. Over time, the number of beds increased, and at present, it has risen to 2399 beds.

The hospital is serving patients from not only Lahore but also other parts of Pakistan. Mayo Hospital has a total land area of 54.6 acres and offers the following facilities:

  • Standard CCU Facilities
  • Central ICU with Central Oxygen (O2) & Suction System
  • Radio Isotope Cardiology / Echocardiography / ETT
  • Spiral CT, Color Doppler, and Ultrasonography on latest machines
  • Latest Physiotherapy Equipment, Rehabilitation Center and Orthopaedic Workshop
  • EMG, EEG, and all kinds of sophisticated Neuro-surgical operations
  • Operations of Plastic Surgery and cosmetology
  • Angiography, Angioplasty, Cardiac Bypass, Heart Valves Replacement and all sorts of Cardiac Operations and procedures

Location: Hospital Rd, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore, Punjab 54000

Contact Number: (042) 99211129

6. Lahore General Hospital:

In 1958, the wife of the former president of Pakistan (Iskandar Mirza), Begum Naheed Mirza, laid Lahore General Hospital’s foundation as a “beggar house”. Later in 1959, the then government of Pakistan decided to provide medical facilities of this hospital to the general public. Hence, the hospital was named Lahore General Hospital.

Lahore General Hospital

Due to the excess of patients in Mayo Hospital and the lack of diagnostic and treatment facilities in Lahore General Hospital, this hospital was used as a caring home. Over time, the hospital has increased its healthcare services and offers the following medical services:

  • Clinical Services
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Disaster Management

The hospital spans over an area of 256 Kanal. Moreover, it is affiliated with Postgraduate Medical Institute and Ameer-ud-Din Medical College.

Location: Ferozpur Road Near Ismail Nagar, Lahore.

Contact Number: (042) 99268801-9

7. Fatima Memorial Hospital:

Fatima Memorial Hospital is one of the famous and prestigious hospitals in the country. It is a general hospital for women and children. The hospital is working under the concept of cross-subsidization. It means that the hospital takes the money from the privileged people to treat the unprivileged class.

Fatima Memorial Hospital

Fatima Memorial Hospital is located in the heart of Lahore and has a total of 500 beds. It is affiliated with Fatima Jinnah Medical University and serves the public with the help of highly qualified doctors, nurses, and paramedic staff.

Location: Shadman Road, Ichhra Lahore, Punjab.

Phone: (042) 111 555 600


Lahore is the metropolitan city of Pakistan with developed infrastructure, top-quality educational institutes, advanced education, rich culture and history, tourists spots, and best eating spots. Also, the city is home to some of the best hospitals. This article provided you with a list of hospitals in Lahore that are offering state-of-the-art healthcare services to the masses. They offer free-of-cost or affordable treatment to the general public. Most of these hospitals are the best in curing some of the deadliest diseases, including cancer.

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