Rapid development has been done in Lahore in recent years. Lahore, known as the liveliest city of Pakistan, is also the country’s administrative capital. This city is famous for its great food, excellent infrastructure, and ancient history.

Here's All You Need to Know About Metro Bus in Lahore

Many mega projects have been initiated to upgrade this city, such as the construction of Ring Road and Kalma Chowk Flyover. However, a major initiative taken in recent years in order to facilitate the public transport system in Lahore is the Metro bus. Metro bus is also called Pakistan’s 1st ‘Bus Rapid Transit’ (BRT) service.

Features of Lahore Metro Bus Service:

The latest features and modern technology have been employed in this project. An automated off-board collection has been enabled. Moreover, keenly designed signboards are also present across all the stations of Metro Bus Service in order to help people find and reach their desired destinations safely and easily.

Every two minutes, a bus is bound to leave the station. This also helps the station not become overcrowded. Parking spaces for vehicles are also present at the Metro Bus Stations. One of the best benefits of traveling by the Metro Bus is not only the money you can save but also the amount of time reduced in traveling.

Route Map:

Here's All You Need to Know About Metro Bus in Lahore

The Metro Bus service consists of more than sixty buses. The length of each of these buses is 18 meters. The route of these buses starts from Gajju Matah and goes up to Shahdara via Ferozpur Road.

All in all, these buses cover a route of approximately twenty-seven kilometers along with twenty-seven metro stations. It is estimated that an amount of PKR 29 billion has been spent on developing Lahore’s Metro Bus System (LMBS). Keep reading this blog to know everything about the Metro Bus Service in Lahore.


Here's All You Need to Know About Metro Bus in Lahore Following are the operating hours of Metro Bus Service in Lahore:

Timings of Central Line: 6:15 am – 10:00 pm
Interval Between the Departure of Buses During Peak hours: 2.25 minutes to 3 minutes
Feeder Bus Timings 6:00 am – 11:00 pm

Ticket System and Fare:

Two modes of ticketing are currently functional in The Metro Bus System. These systems are mentioned as follows:

  • You can avail a single ride by buying tokens. Each token costs PKR 20. A ticket-vending machine is used to buy these tokens via self-service
  • You can also buy a Metrobus Card. This card is used by frequent travelers who use the Metro Bus service. You can purchase a Metrobus card by depositing security of PKR 130 (refundable upon the return of the card), and later on, you can recharge your card up to PKR 1000 via Vending Machine (TVM) or your nearest ticketing booth
  • Note: Buying a Metrobus Card significantly reduces the hassle and the time spent standing in long queues, waiting for your turn to get a token from the vending machine. You can also enjoy various deals and discounts on your travel through the Metro Bus on this card.

Feeder Buses:

  • As the Metro Bus Service does not cover all routes of Lahore, another project called the ‘feeder buses’ have also been launched under the same banner to facilitate travel in Lahore. These buses cover more than fourteen routes.
  • You can know all about their routes and features at Speedo Bus Routes in Lahore. These feeder buses have enabled safe, time-efficient, and cheaper travel in the city of Lahore.


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