All You Need to Know About Sozo Water Park in Lahore

Sozo Water Park in Lahore is a great place to ‘beat the heat’ with a few rejuvenating dips in the cold and aqua waters. Lahore is home to many water parks. However, the ‘Sozo Water Park’ is different in terms of its features, making it a complete action-packed and fun-filled water park.

Its features include water sports, plummeting slides, kid’s play area, and a separate swimming pool for ladies. A separate space for women is constructed, which is pretty rare for water parks located in Pakistan. Keep reading below to find out more about this amazing place.

Features of Sozo Water Park in Lahore:

Below mentioned are some of the best features of this water park:


All You Need to Know About Sozo Water Park in Lahore We all know that checking its hygiene measures is of extreme importance before visiting a water park. Sozo Water Park’s official website reveals that all the pools in this park are chemically treated to get rid of germs and bacteria in the water.

Moreover, the management also revealed that an effective filtration process is also operational within Sozo Water Park. To brief more, it is also said that the water beds are cleaned with the aid of UK-imported robots.


The structural safety of Sozo Water Park is ensured by a skilled team of engineers from the University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore. Hence, one can go to this place free of any stress.

We all know that keeping ourselves and our children safe is very important. And the management of this park has kept that a top priority. Reportedly, test runs are carried out on all rides every day before Sozo Water Park opens its gates for visitors.

Different and Exciting Water Slides:

Following are the water slides available in this water park:

  • Speed slide
  • Wave pool
  • Twister slide
  • Bullet slide
  • Kundal slide
  • Racer slides
  • Freefall
  • Ladies-Only Water Park

All You Need to Know About Sozo Water Park in Lahore

These are some of the fun-filled slides installed in Sozo Water Park. You can also arrange grand events and birthday parties at this venue. However, there is much more to know. Keep reading below to learn more about this place.


This park remains open from 10 AM-6:30 PM. The visitors can have the time of their lives and create beautiful memories at this place during these hours. However, after the closing time mentioned above, everyone is expected to vacate the place immediately.

Ticket Price:

The entry fee of this place not only differs for adults and children, but it also differs according to the day you are interested in visiting Sozo Water Park. Details are mentioned below:

Day of the Week

Entry Fee (Adults)

Entry Fee (Kids)

Monday PKR 400 PKR 300
Tuesday PKR 500 PKR 400
Wednesday PKR 600 PKR 500
Thursday PKR 650 PKR 500
Friday PKR 700 PKR 600
Saturday PKR 700 PKR 600


The location of Sozo Water Park is ideal as it is situated on Canal Bank Road, near Jallo Wana, Lahore. Many popular localities of Lahore enjoy easy access to this place, such as the Bismillah Housing Scheme and Paragon City Lahore.

Enjoy a blissful day at this water park these summers to ‘cool down’ physically and mentally. It is always a good decision to spend time with friends and family at secure and adventurous places like Sozo Water Park.


Sozo Water Park in Lahore is one of the best places to have fun in the water! This blog mentioned all the important details about this amazing water park. Visit our website Business World, to read more about fun places to visit, such as Best Cafes in Lahore and Best Swimming Pools in Islamabad.