Suzuki Alto 2022 enjoys an outstanding market share in Pakistan. This successful market share can be attributed to the mileage and affordability of this car. Initially introduced in 1979, Suzuki Alto instantly gained popularity.

Suzuki launched the 9th generation of this series in December 2021. This version of Suzuki Alto features not only a boxy design but also enhanced dimensions with several modern features.

Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan


Suzuki Alto 2022 is available in three variants in Pakistan. These variants are mentioned as follows:

  • VXR (Manual Transmission)
  • VX (Manual Transmission)
  • VXL (AGS Transmission)


We can safely say that Suzuki Alto is one of the favorite cars among the people of Pakistan. Its exterior is modern, stylish, and pleasing to the eyes. Its features are mentioned as follows:

  • A boxy design
  • A stylish spoiler at the rear-end
  • Aerodynamic lines and curves.
  • Retractable mirrors (VXL variant)
  • An innovative grille at the front of the car has broad vertical lines


The Alto 2022 features many desirable qualities in its interior. Some of these noteworthy features are mentioned below:

  • Antenna
  • Assist grips
  • Cabin lights
  • Side demister
  • Security system
  • Power steering
  • Front defroster
  • Heating system
  • A keyless entry
  • Dual Airbags (VXR and VXL variants)
  • Power windows (VXL variant)
  • A 1 Din audio system (VX variant, without speakers)
  • Air conditioning system (VXR and VXL variant only)
  • Four drink holders (two in the front and two in the back)
  • Two front speakers along with an MP5 touch screen (VXL variant)
  • Two front speakers with an added feature of a 2 Din audio system (VXR variant)

The VX and VXR variants have a single-tone interior color. However, a dual-toned interior is featured in the VXL variant.

Features and Specifications:

The stunning features and specifications of Suzuki Alto are as follows:


It is a 5-door vehicle which consists of a ‘0.6 liters 658 cc’. All the variants have the same engine.


The Suzuki Alto 2022 gives an average mileage of up to 16-20 km/l.


Both the VX and VXR variants feature a 5-speed manual transmission. However, the VXL variant features an AGS transmission.


The price of Suzuki Alto 2022 ranges from PKR 1,198,000-PKR 1,633,000 depending upon the variant you are interested in. The exact price for each of the variants is mentioned below:



Suzuki Alto VX

658 cc, Petrol, Manual

PKR 1,306,000
Suzuki Alto VXR

658 cc, Petrol, Manual

PKR 1,546,000
Suzuki Alto VXL AGS

658 cc, Petrol, Automatic

PKR 1,747,000


Suzuki Alto 2022 is a fuel-efficient car with easy and cheap maintenance. This car is perfect for someone looking for good ride quality at affordable pricing. Another quality of Alto 2022 is that it has easily available spare parts in the market.

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