Your Guide to Tracking Your NADRA CNIC Record Digitally


The E-commerce government is a novel concept for many people in Pakistan. However, cutting-edge solutions and modern-day technologies have prompted our government to adopt this type of governance.

A campaign named ‘Digital Pakistan’ along with the digitization of ‘The National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA) has recently been launched in the country in order to increase the comfort of the people of Pakistan.

With this digitization, all the records of NADRA have become digitally trackable. Below presented is a step-by-step guide for our readers who want to verify or track their NADRA CNIC records digitally.

Steps to track your NADRA CNIC record:

SMS services have enabled the ‘CNIC tracking system’. You can track your NADRA National ID through all the mobile networks operating in Pakistan. You can track your CNIC by completing the following steps:

  • Open the text message window on your mobile phone
  • Type your desired CNIC number (an exclusive thirteen-digit long number)
  • Send your CNIC to 8300
  • Within a minute or a few seconds, a reply will pop up on your screen
  • This message will contain the given CNIC’s zonal information and the owner’s address

Note: Further information such as the name of the CNIC holder cannot be obtained through this process. To obtain such data, you need to employ the NADRA SMS verification system rather than the NADRA CNIC tracking system.

Steps to verify your NADRA CNIC record:

Below presented is a step-by-step guide for verifying your CNIC via SMS:

  • Open the text message window on your mobile phone
  • Type the CNIC number which is needed to be verified
  • Send this message to ‘7000′
  • In reply to your message, you’ll get the CNIC’s owner’s name and their father’s name

Note: A PKR 10 or more tax is charged for this service.

Steps to verify a NADRA CNIC using NADRA CNIC Verification Portal:

You can also verify and track your CNIC using NADRA’s online portal. However, it may cost you much more than the SMS verification system. NADRA’s online portal offers many other services as well.

Your Guide to Tracking Your NADRA CNIC Record Digitally

Following are the steps you need to follow:

  • Firstly, open your browser and go to this link:
  • Now create a new online account for yourself by filling in all your details on a form-like page after you click on the ‘Create a New Account’ option
  • After all the data is recorded and saved, NADRA will send you a text on your provided phone number with a verification code
  • You will enter that verification code in order to verify your account on the ‘e-portal’ of NADRA
  • Now, you are eligible to avail all the online services provided by NADRA on their e-portal

Note: These services are presented in the image attached below:

Your Guide to Tracking Your NADRA CNIC Record Digitally


We hope the above presented step-by-step guide for verifying and tracking your CNIC was of help to you. To read more informative articles such as 8 Mostly Used Real Estate Terms, You Should Know About and Basic Guide to Real Estate Investment in Pakistan, visit our website Business World.